Saturday, 3 March 2012

Myofascial Release

SORE MUSCLES? FIBROMYALGIA? Hi I just got two different types of foam rollers,one is smooth (typically low cost models are available in fitness stores etc). The other foam has raised bumps on it (Rumble Roller.)
A smooth roller is good for lengthening tight sore muscles,massaging them and flushing out waste product trapped in the muscles.This roller is excellent for general massage.
(Incidentally I have fibromyalgia very bad in my back muscles due to a car accident 1998.Paying for deep tissue massage has cost me about $20.000 so far!)
The Rumble Roller with raised bumps on it can really get into your muscles deep,wearing away knots,adhesions,scar tissue and tightness.I find it very effective at opening tight muscles.
My left calve has been sore since the car accident,and the raised bumps of the roller get in between the muscle fibers better than a smooth roller.
I use a combination of the two rollers for different muscles.I find with Fibromyalgia it doesn't take much rolling or just laying on it to open a locked muscle.Don't over do it or you may be too sore next day.
I have used tennis balls etc for trigger point therapy in the past,but the rollers ability is on another level! There are many rolling techniques I have been learning.Laying on the roller on the floor uses your body weight to open up muscles.If this is too intense for you,try leaning against a wall with roller
.By the way you can check out the Rumble Roller here.rumble roller  Also you can follow me at Facebook.Darren Prince Victoria BC Canada.
I have struggled with fibromyalgia since car accident,and have been coping with it by doing yoga,light weights,working part time,and getting plenty of rest.I have tried many therapies and find deep- tissue massage by a well-experienced person is key,and can cost a lot of money.
Foam rolling is a cheap cost effective tool I wish I had years ago! When your muscles begin to heal,and your feeling better,life is good! Feel free to send me your comments in dealing with your sore muscles
Oh yeah there are different densities of foam rollers available,and appear to go by color code.I am in the midst of experimenting with different techniques and will write more info on it in future.In the mean time I hope you check out this powerful tool.Maybe you can teach me something?